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Tax debt is a fact of life. No blame. No shame. You have tax problems and it's our job to solve them.

For 17 years we've been providing compassionate tax solutions for our clients that helped reduce their debt and got them back on track. We can do the same for you. After all, you have more important things to focus on like running your life.

At 20/20 Tax Resolution, all of our tax consultants are licensed professionals, enrolled agents or business experts certified and trained to negotiate with the IRS. Since we specialize in tax negotiation, we have working relationships with IRS agents and state tax authorities that allow us to establish immediate credibility on your behalf.

To begin, we assess your tax situation and clearly define your rights and options as a taxpayer. From there, we are able to develop the best strategy and a path to resolution that you're comfortable with. One that you can manage.

The moment you decide to make 20/20 your partner, you will feel empowered to handle you tax debt. Your issue becomes ours to deal with and resolve. Once and for all.

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